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The Small Trader

Our client, Belvedere Eco Office Furniture, has a busy company leasing office furniture to clients of all sizes. The web-shop gives good and clear descriptions of the furniture available to buy or lease, but clients generally have specific requirements in mind; they are looking for furniture that complements their current equipment and need to speak to someone that knows the available stock and can match the requirements.

The business takes Dave between his office, the furniture warehouse and client sites, and Dave needs to take his office phone with him at all times.

Dave uses his CloudConnect account with CloudNumbers to:
  • Publish a single phone number, for his web site, business cards and other marketing collateral.
  • Receive calls to his office, wherever he goes.
  • See his caller's phone numbers.
  • Share his calls with his business partners, for holiday cover.
  • Separate his personal Voicemails from his business messages.
For Eco-friendly furniture, further details can be found at