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The SEO Consultant

Our client, a Search Engine Optimisation consultant in the North of England, recognises that his IT-centric business can add value to companies outside of his local area and therefore uses location-aware advertising in order to reach as many potential customers as possible.

He uses CloudSolo to:
  • Cost-effectively manage a portfolio of 01/02 local area phone numbers.
  • Optimise his use of advertising; call charges are allocated against each phone number, so he can tell at a glance which are generating the most calls and which element of his advertising budget would be best spent elsewhere.
  • Place adverts in local press and community web sites to promote his business.
  • Encourages clients to dial his local area phone numbers, as 08xx numbers are commonly excluded from the 'free minutes' in telephone tariffs.
  • Qualify for inclusion on those web sites that prioritise advertising from clients with a local phone number.