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The Sales Team

Our client was looking to expand his Sales team. With a mixture of office- and home/field- based staff, he couldn't afford to have the sales calls only handled by his office staff, the field guys needed to take a full and active involvement in dealing with requests.

CloudAdvantage from CloudNumbers, together with an Inclusive Minutes package, met his needs precisely:
  • One phone number on which all calls would be received.
  • All calls ring through to all of his agents.
  • Calls to office based staff were charged at just 1.1 pence per minute
  • Call charges to the home/field based staff worked at at just 6 pence per minute, regardless of the network used. Even out of package prices remained less than 8 pence.
  • Whisper transfer to his field team meant they could immediately differentiate between personal and business calls on their mobiles, and also ensured that voicemails went to the business mailbox rather than an individuals personal voicemail.