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CloudNumbers – it’s as easy as 123 …

1.   Getting started

All you need is a landline phone or mobile phone then:

·         pick the package that's right for you

·         pick up to 5 UK phone numbers

·         tell us where you want them delivered

2.   Immediate benefits

There are some major benefits to our numbers!

·         Customer know you are local by your number

·          No need to publish your mobile number (reducing out of hours calls)

·         Track your marketing spend – which number did they ring?

·         Professional call handling - voicemail, call recording, call whisper (tells you who is calling)

3.   Simple and affordable

With prices starting from £9.99 a month it's not going to cost a lot at all, you just pick your numbers, let us set it up for you within 24 hours and off you go.

Keep on counting the benefits ….

Call recording – never miss a conversation

With our call recording simply press * on your phone and your entire conversation will be sent to your inbox.  Just think of the benefits:

·         Never miss or forget key information just review the conversation later

·         Never order items incorrectly again

·         Proof of the conversation if you need it

·         Take a call anywhere knowing you can review later